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upgrading my 80

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im working on my new interior and looked at my gauges the whole two of them and i cant help thinking that i want more i want real gauges and i have no idea what kind to get and what will fit how to do it or even where to start. its the stock 1980 interior if that helps at all.
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You don't need to take the dash out !! On my 84 I just took the gauge bezel off then removed the gauge pod out !! Installed the gauges & wired them to the harness & put it back in !!
well im going to wrap my dash in vinyl wrap so i can give it a new look
Hey 87nexttolast1 did your steering wheel come wrapped like that or did you do that? ive never noticed them being like leather wrapped on the later ones if they are.
It's just a wrap cover !! Forgot were I got it !! I think a local parts store !!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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