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just wondering how many people getting ready for belton has used a sick day or vacation day?? or just didnt show up at all :poke:
its only money right?? :beer::dontknow:

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My previous employer made a habit of ripping me off vacation time each year.
Use it or lose it they called it.
They never could authorize my vacation,because they were under staffed.
Every time a person quit,they would drag their feet and take 3 months to re hire someone.
This was a never ending cycle.
The first year I was hired,I worked 365 days in a row.
I asked only for the pay,not the time off,and they said they cant do that.
I worked 8 years without taking not one sick day,worked nearly every weekend,and what did I get for this?
A pink slip earlier this year.
They couldn't believe I was so happy to lose my job!
Moral of the story..never work for a big corporation!

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I took today as a vacation day, to tie up loose ends before the Belton meet.:nanawrench:
See ya in the am!!:texas:


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Just got my youngest daughter married off today.
Had to take the day off for that.

I did get the 66 cleaned up a bit before the wedding tho.
Hector is taking care of the 59.
When I stopped in at the body shop, he was preparing to buff it out.

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I took last week off on vacation because that was when Belton was set up for at first. I took a PH (personal holiday) yesterday to get a 4 day weekend, had I not done that I wouldn't be ready for today!!!!:nanawrench:
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