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Gates Are Open

Come On In and Post Your Entry Up

Right Here on El Camino Central

Old Bear’s Virtual Car Show 2020

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FAQ Frequently asked Questions

How do I enter?

You add posts to the soon to be posted 2020 Virtual Car Show thread.

Who can enter?
NECOA Members registered on www.elcaminocentral.com

What goes into the post?
New images of your El Camino or GMC Sprint.
Up to three images taken from today through August 9th.
1st image is a full car image
2nd & 3rd are images of features

What else goes into post?
You will add a short intro line with the year of your vehicle and potentially additional info.
Stuff like: 1989 El Camino SS Choo Choo Custom very rare, more so than the 1988 version.

Why not old images?
One goal is to give each of us another good reason to spend time with our Rides.
We can clean them up, snap some images and post them up all while being safe with the coronavirus.

What if my Ride is not running?
Works-In-Process can be entered.
Just take as close to a full image as you can for that first image.
Lots of opportunities for feature images to show us how you are spending time with your Ride.

How can I vote for Community Favorites?
You can press the “LIKE” button on the posted entries.

Can I vote for more than one favorite?

Can you show us an example of an entry?
Check the next post below for an example.
This is the official thread for Old Bear's Virtual Car Show - 2020

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This is an example of how to post an entry into the upcoming Virtual Car Show.
Note: It is using pre-existing images because it was put together before the show time starts.
SAMPLE Posted Here,
This is the official Thread for Old Bear's Virtual Car Show Thread August 1st - Aug 9th

Old Bear 1970 El Camino Custom with 350ci, B&M 144, 700R4 and 17 rims.

1st image: This is a full car image. You can show front and side or rear and side in your first image.

2nd image: Near stock black interior with 1970 Strato Bench seat that has bucket seat backs. B & M hammer shifter.

3rd image: Engine bay with 350 CI, B&M 144 Supercharger, headers, Mark VIII fan
Your 2nd and 3rd image can feature any of the interesting things about your entry.

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Hi, I'm Jonesie from Virginia.

My 86 with the "Sport Decor Package" is all stock, with the original 5.0L 305, and transmission, with over 300,000 miles on the odometer. Not bad for an 80's malaise truck.
It's a daily driver, that I truly enjoy driving!
Let me go ahead and get my apology out beforehand..., like kids, how can you just pick your favorite?
There will be more than 3 photos, but less than 6. : )

Exterior Shots...







Thanks for the opportunity to represent, and even maybe be the first to post! : )

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