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vortech v3

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if i got a procharger for my 350 pushin 4 or 5 pounds would i need a bypass valve or intercooler?
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I'm assuming you mean a Blow Off Valve (BOV)? I don't think you need one at that PSI, but an Intercooler always helps lower inlet temps, which can be good for some more power.
BOV are for turbos. Bypass valve is for superchargers.

Adding the valve will help with parasitic loss and might improve part throttle drivability. With that small amount of pressure a big red race valve would be way overkill.

Intercoolers are always nice and will allow you to pulley down slightly as the intercooler will condense the air resulting in less pressure in the carb/plenum.

I am confused by the title of vortech and your use of a procharger, I am assuming a P series procharger? Are you looking to change to a bigger vortech unit?
Im not tryin to be the suzy downer of this convo but is a supercharger putting out 5 psi worth it? Im not talking from experience because Iv never drove a forced induction anything lol. Would you see a big boost in power from 5 psi? This is more of a question than anything
PSI is just a measure of restriction. 5psi on a stock 305 will not yield nearly the same increase as 5psi on a 350 with a good head/intake/exhaust combination.

Also the entire area under the curve moves up not just the peak.

I chose to LOWER my peak hp but gained 25hp average from 2500-5200rpm but I roadrace/autox.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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