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I want to drill some holes in the bed floor of my `82 but I've seen some threads hinting that the bed is double walled. I'm wondering if my hardware will work and also if I'll have any problems with water getting in between the layers.

First hole I want to make near the bulkhead, and grommet. I have a 3/8" grommet that I want to install. Should I get a second grommet for the lower layer, or are they close enough together that one good thick grommet will bridge them? I'm not sure how I would keep water from getting in between the panels around the grommet.

I have a strip of E-track that I want to install in the bed. I got 1" long grade 8 bolts/washers/nuts before I realized that the bed might be double walled. Will I need longer bolts, or a different approach entirely? I bought some strip rubber type stuff that I can use as a "gasket" under the e-track if there's a concern of water getting between the panels here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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