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I've got a 1974 custom Elky. The bearings went bad and it needs to be rebuilt. I just bought the bearing kit. (I'm on disability so it takes me a while to save up.)
The little part I need nobody has it. It is part of the ignition. There is a piece of stiff wire that has some nylon on one end and it runs down to a electrical box down on the steering wheel.
This box controls the start / run / off / acc. I even have a picture of a broken one that I found at a garage. I've been waiting to build this steering wheel myself for the past 6 months. I just don't have the money to pay someone else to do it. I fix this steering wheel bleed the brakes. And I'll have a running car. I've been without one for about 10 years. Hell I hope I have en ugh to pay for the registration this month after the bills are paid.
So if anyone is parting out or has a 1974 model steering wheel laying around write me. Heck I just need this little wire part. I really don't think that I can afford a complete steering wheel.
So great and thanks.
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