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Wanted parts for, or complete Steering wheel

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I've got a 1974 custom Elky. The bearings went bad and it needs to be rebuilt. I just bought the bearing kit. (I'm on disability so it takes me a while to save up.)
The little part I need nobody has it. It is part of the ignition. There is a piece of stiff wire that has some nylon on one end and it runs down to a electrical box down on the steering wheel.
This box controls the start / run / off / acc. I even have a picture of a broken one that I found at a garage. I've been waiting to build this steering wheel myself for the past 6 months. I just don't have the money to pay someone else to do it. I fix this steering wheel bleed the brakes. And I'll have a running car. I've been without one for about 10 years. Hell I hope I have en ugh to pay for the registration this month after the bills are paid.
So if anyone is parting out or has a 1974 model steering wheel laying around write me. Heck I just need this little wire part. I really don't think that I can afford a complete steering wheel.
So great and thanks.
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I used my scanner to get a really good picture

CCC I tried to send a privet message but for ome reason ECC wouldn't let me.
my email is the same as my username. just add hotmail behind it and of course dot com.
I'll send you the picture.
Here is the picture.


I uploaded it so a large photo could be seen.

PS . If anyone has a steering column that will work with my 74 I'm definitely interested!
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