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Last summer I began a project to add "factory" AC to my non-AC Caballero. I installed a factory airbox, vents, and an AC dash.
This Spring/Summer I intend to finish. I have nearly all of the parts needed for an SBC, but some brackets are still eluding me.
Here are two edited pics of the screen print from the service manual. The parts in green I have, the parts in red are the ones stopping my progress.
View attachment 137536 View attachment 137537

Possible part numbers for one or both of these might be: 14033863 for the rear bracket, and 14017790 or 14015526 for the front.
The front bracket also holds the power steering pump mounted in front below the AC compressor.
I will also be needing the correct 3 groove pulley for the crankshaft, and 2 groove pulley for the water pump.

If anyone has these parts and are willing to sell, send me a PM. I live just outside of Seattle, Wa. in zip 98168.
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