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This week, got the car jacked up and pulled the front wheels for it annual inspection and grease job. I noticed the little knotch in the spindle washer that goes between the outer bearing and the nut was missing its little notch that holds it in place. Sure enough it was spinning with the hub. From time to time the car would pull to the right and that wheels would make a weird squeaking sound, I hope I found it.
I greased everything and adjusted the bearings by tightening them up so the wheel barely backing off, and getting it the perfect hole. The one that lets the wheels spin freely and yet has no side to side or up and down play..

In Pennsylvania, we have Antique plates that do not require an inspection sticker but the owner is obligated to inspect the car and have it in tip top running condition..

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Glad you found it, scary stuff. I know you still have the castle nut and cotter pin, but this has to help you sleep better. It would me.
4201 - 4201 of 4201 Posts