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hey thats my write up! lol well exactly what he said i didnt see windlace so you will need that and sail panels. look up on opgi a headliner kit, thats what i used and it came with everything i needed!

a cheaper alternative to dynamat is fatmat i believe but if you but it in bulk like i did it isnt too bad, its some thick heavy stuff and i still have about half leftover from that install

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Mine were a cardboard. I'm going to cover them with the same material. I think it will look better.
Thanks Axeman. I ended up getting them from Summit Racing, who seem to source them from OPGI. I think they were $10 for a pair, though they don't come with headliner material.

I got the headliner itself from Auto Headliner Mart for $35 + $15 to ship. I haven't installed it, but the material and sewing are of great quality. It also came with excess material for the sail panels.

Now all I have to do is get Dynamat (or a cheaper alternative...) to put underneath it. I'll probably end up with something from RAAM Audio. Eventual plans are to do underneath the carpet, too.
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