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What is the best way to go?

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Hello All,
I am now ready to start engine mods on my 1984 ELKY. She is bone stock under the hood. Solid running 305 with stock tranny and although not a California car I had to add a cat to get it to pass smog. Here is my question.... I can get a remanufactured and warrantied basic 350 on Ebay for $1100.00 plus shipping. I have posted the link here. What kind of power would this motor put out and would everything on the 305 bolt up to this motor
Or, should I look at high perf heads and a mild cam on the 305 I have? http://ebay.com/itm/120882491446?_trksid=p3984.m1438.126

What would be the most economical way to get a little more power and torque? I don't need anything crazy.
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That's good advice there, on the 350 from Jegs. Doing so-called power mods on a 305 is a waste of money compared to that 350.
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