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What tire for front ?

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ok im planning on getting 15x7 rally wheel for the front of my elky, What size tire do you recommend ??? 225/60/15 ??
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I run 225/70-15 in the front and 235/70-15 in the rear. I like a taller tire since I put 150+ miles per day on my elky. The taller tire gives me a more comfortable ride. Take a look. View attachment 2273
i would like a wider than that in the rear. And i also like the taller rear tire. i was thinking 275/60/15 in rear and 225/60/15 in front, Good combo ???
The rear will rub on the fender. I have tried 295/50's, 275/60's and they both rub. You can use 255/60 but you won't have the tire height. I believe trannymike uses the 255/60 on the rear of his and it looks great. I also pull a 16' welding trailer so I don't really need any wide tires. My car is a cruiser not a canyon carver. The sticky that billyjack has on the forum is very helpful. If you have a chance you should read it.
On billyjacks sticky it says he runs 275/60/15's with no problems
Yes, a 275/60 works fine, but as I mention in the sticky, backspace is critical, as clearance is tight on both sides of the tire.

Would a 15x8 and 4.25 backspacing work with 275/60/15 ?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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