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Where's everyone from, here in NY?

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So, just to make conversation... Where's everyone from? Personally, I'm in Port Washington, Nassau County, out on Long Island.

Let's hear from everyone else! Maybe we can get a little mini ECC show goin' on this coming spring/summer. -Lucas

P.S. - Anyone in the area wanna buy a very original '87? :-D
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Everyone who can, should enter the Canal Fest car show/cruise this year, maybe get an ECC banner so fellow members could stop and chat and maybe inform some Elky owners who dont know about this great site.

Grew up in Woodstock/Saugerties.
Living in the Village. =)
where from?

babylon, long island originally ... chelsea, nyc now.
Scottsville, south of rochester.
Live in brooklyn, Work in staten Island and project in Long Island.

Smithtown,LI - Looking forward to some local car shows ,cruise nights this spring!
Livin' near new paltz.
Livin' near new paltz. anybody who can offer me a hand or two feel free to PM me.
21 - 40 of 68 Posts
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