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The only two 5th gen CA legal headers I know of, the Edelbrock TES and the Hooker 2050 are discontinued. The ceramic version of the TES have been discontinued for a while, the Tri-Tech ones only axed in the last couple of years—I bought a set of TES EDL-68793 in late 09. If you decide to look for a used set, poke around the montecarloss.com classifieds. There's always a set of TES or Hookers for sale every so often. And definitely look for L69 versions, 68792 or 68793. They're a little bigger than the LG4 version.

61Airstream has a set of Hedman 61318s that he was told directly by Hedman are CA legal but Summit only has them listed as 50 state legal for 78–80. Those summit application tables aren't always correct so you might want to ask him or look into it yourself.
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